Our Mission

Water is our most precious treasure. It creates, and sustains life. And as with most treasures, some have it in abundance, and for others,  it’s a scarce commodity. We must cherish and protect it, and must use it in a smart and responsible way. Or to put it in a broader term, we shouldn’t waste a drop.

Right now, at least 1/3 of the World is facing a water crisis in agriculture. With only 2.5% of the Earth’s water reserve being fresh, and about two thirds of that unaccessible to us. That leaves approximately 37billion qm liquid surface and ground water – or  less than one percent of the Earth’s water –  to grow our food, cool our power plants, and supply drinking and bathing water for households. It might be a renewing source, but increasing consumption carries untold risks.

Of that one percent, 70% is used by agriculture. And agriculture has access to the world’s greatest reservoir: the soil. The question is, how to harness that incredible potential?

We at Water&Soil believe we have a solution for that very problem. Our organic soil conditioner not only prevents waste of water, it multiplies its beneficial effects. It protects and gives new life to soil, and in turn, to plants and products that are essential to our survival – with lush green lawns as an added bonus…

We at Water&Soil believe we found a revolutionary answer for drought and dehydration. For agriculture and small gardens. For California, thirsty Africa or the dry Middle East. We don’t create water, or make it rain. But we can protect what we have. We can put it to work. And that way, we can unlock the potential that falls on, or is already hidden under ground.

We also have to admit: Water is not only an environmental issue. It is also cold, hard business.  Being able to maximize available resources, while at the same time being able to protect it, water dependant business can be one of the leading industry sectors 21st century.

That being said, the theory that good business and environmental responsibility are NOT mutually exclusive is one of the main driving forces behind our work at Water& Soil. We believe we have found a tool to help businesses, and help the environment at the same time.

Bu we do not rest on our laurels: We at Water&Soil will continue our research and work to find new solutions to protect and save water – and help businesses – all around the world.


Richárd Vattay


Antal Vattay

Managing Director